Sports Betting

Sports enthusiasts often try to predict the outcome of the game. Sites like https://ufabetworld.com/ufabet/ allow these enthusiasts to place a wager. There are different kinds of wagers that you should be familiar with.

Parlay bet

This is a single bet linking two or more wagers. The player should win all the wagers in the parlay to win the bet. Losing one wager means losing the entire bet. Winning all the wagers in the parlay means winning a higher payoff than if the bets were in separate wagers.

Straight bet

This kind of bet is an individual wager on a game or event. A point spread or money line determines whether the player wins or loses.

Futures betting

A futures bet is a wager placed on an event that will happen in the future. This includes the winning team for the next season of the Pro Football Championship game. As well as Pro Hockey Championship series.

Sports Betting

Prop bets or propositions

These bets focus on the outcome of events within a given game. These kind of bets are often offered on games of great interest such as Sunday night Pro Football games.  As well as high-profile college football games. One of the most common prop bets is which team will score the first touchdown.

Teaser bet

This bet is a type of football or basketball wager. The pointspread is often adjusted by extra points in the player’s favor on more than a single game. For a football game, a player may move the posted pointspread 6, 6.5, 7, 10 or 14 points. As for a basketball game, players are often offered with 4, 4.5 and 5 points sports betting teasers.

Round robin bet

This one is a series of parlays. A three-team round robin consists of three 2-team parlays.

Important terms

  • Point Spread – The most popular sports bet are those based on the point spread. It represents the margin of points n which the favored team should win the game. Bets on the point spread are often offered at 11 to 10 odds. A player must bet $11 to win $10. It will have a total payout of $21 or $110 to win $100.
  • Money Line Bet – This represents the odds of a team winning the game outright without the use of the poinstpread. A three-digit number expresses the money line. To set an example, -150 players means a player must bet $150 for every $100 he or she wishes to win.

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