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Blackjack Rules for you

Logically, before trying to bet in a casino with any of the versions of blackjack it is important that you know perfectly the rules of this game. You can say that blackjack is one of the simplest games to understand, since it is only based on the sum of the values ​​of each card in a French deck. Click here to know about QQpoker online.

Rules when placing a bet in Blackjack

  • Bets are made at the start of the game, that is, before the distribution of each card. However, a modification to these bets can then be made.
  • Two cards are dealt to each player, both discovered. On the other hand, the casino representation (the dealer) will also have two cards. One of them will be covered and the other will not.
  • The objective of this card game is to obtain with each hand a score of 21 points or any value close to it.
  • After the card distribution, special moves can be used, which represent the strategies that can be used in the game.
  • The bettor must have a better combination of cards than the dealer to win.
  • In case you go over 21 points, you lose your bet automatically. The same happens to the dealer.
  • There is a combination called Blackjack consisting of an Ace and a card of value 10. If you have this combination, both dealer and bettor can automatically win the game in this game.

The ultimate online Blackjack Rules for you

Special movements in online Blackjack

To play and get the victory in blackjack you need to follow some strategy. In all the games of a casino you need a strategy to improve your chances of winning. So, for this card game the special moves are as follows:

Ask for a card

With this movement you can receive a card or several if your first two are not enough to win your bet. Asking for a card is a movement with which you must be careful when playing.

Plant yourself

In case you consider that you have a good combination, you can spend your turn and expect what combination the casino dealer has. When you plant you cannot modify your bet?


this move will allow you to modify your initial bet and double it. It is usually used to have a good combination. By doubling you can earn a lot of money or lose it, so be careful.Visit this site to know about QQpoker online.


This move consists of withdrawing half of your money investment if you think you can lose. Not every casino offers or allows this play of cards when playing.

The truth is that there is no strategy that allows you to win 100% of the games when playing Blackjack. However, these can guarantee you a reduction in losses and an increase in profits. We recommend you to play this card game with great caution, using reason and not emotions.

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