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Have you ever played online poker? If not, maybe you noticed a lot of posts, a lot of high-stakes tournaments that are featured at your favorite online casino site or application. Well, it is one of the most popular online casino games nowadays, so there is something in you that makes you hold back in playing it.

Well, you are not alone because there are still a lot of conventional live poker players out there that need convincing to try out online poker. There is no harm in trying right?

Online poker, by the way, is not intended to take over and eclipse live poker, it is just one of the alternative ways for poker players to enjoy poker while they are away at their favorite poker rooms. It is just equally exciting as live poker, and also, you can win real money from wagering in it.


There is nothing wrong if you are having skepticism with online poker, who does not right? As a wise online gambler, it is, in fact, a very healthy trait to ensure that you will not be scammed easily knowing that there are a lot of fake online casino sites out there.

To give you some idea about online poker, here are some advantages online poker has that live poker doesn’t have. For great online poker gaming, check out

  1. Tons of poker tables to choose from– Online poker rooms are numbered to a thousand or even more which gives you a wide array of choices when it comes to choosing a table, unlike your actual casino or poker gaming room where you are only limited to a very few tables which can be boring in the long run.
  2. More convenient than live poker– One of the main reasons people love online poker is its total convenience. You are not required to spend a lot of money, gas, and your time just to drive to your nearest poker room or casino to play poker99. All you need is just your smartphone, your computer and an internet connection to start playing. It does not require extra effort from you to enjoy it because you can play it anytime and anywhere you are.
  3. A more affordable way to play poker– when you are playing in a poker room, you are required to pay for the room fee, you are obliged to give a tip to the dealer, you are also tempted to buy a bottle of beer or a glass of whiskey to make yourself good. Online poker, however, only requires you to make a deposit regardless of the amount you want to your account to start playing. Also, you can play in your bedroom without the need to go to a poker room, and above all, you can bet as low as you want. Conventional poker costs a lot compared to online poker where you can bet as low as one dollar per game and you can play alongside with a lot of players as well.

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