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The easy ways to stay ahead of online poker

Great Then he used some smart strategies, made the right decisions and turned out to be the chip leader. The only problem is that you don’t know how to maintain leadership. This is a very common problem for new and experienced players. Next, I will describe three very simple ways on how you can keep your battery high once you reach the top.

Be a bully

Have you ever been to a table with a bully? This is a chip leader who has significantly more chips than anyone else at the table and uses them to scare away other players from the big banks. I remember when I met this type of player for the first time and decided that I would never be a stalker. But you know it works. The trick is simply not to be too smart. To lose weight and let other players know who the boss is.


Don’t mess with big batteries

When you are at the top, you may be tempted to try to eliminate the closest competition. This can result in a fatal mistake because if you lose your hand, you will probably have the shortest battery. Instead, you want to target medium and small batteries. Therefore, you run the risk of having fewer chips and also occupy more table space.

Do not you dare

Leadership leads players to weaken their betting strategies and make calls and bets that they know they don’t usually do. Breaking news: Having more chips does NOT improve your chances. The only thing that improves is how many chips you can lose now.

Do not get carried away by a slope, discover how now!

Suppose you lose a hand, a fairly large hand. You don’t say much, just shake your head and take the next two cards. You look at your cards and you have a monster. You have a choice; Play as usual or become a point for a couple of minutes and start talking about the previous hand. This usually distracts other players from the focus, because the focus will change towards you. This is your chance to increase your bet and play tilt in Bandarqq. If you speak well and grow enough, you will most likely even ask someone to comment on the fact that you play tilt. Or you can say it yourself. “I’m on my way”.

Truly enthusiastic players may suspect you and discard cards, but others will see this as an opportunity to win an easy jackpot. The person who hit you may even feel bad and decide to pity you and offer you “charity” or “donation.” Take advantage of these opportunities on the fly, but also know that others are doing the same. Do not be absorbed by another player along the way.

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