The beginning of poker


Games and gambling were there before we could even think about it. All of these games started centuries ago, and it is difficult to comprehend that it was ever possible back then. Many assume that pokerq is somewhat of a new game, and that it is has just entered into casino and such. But actually the history of it dates back to centuries and centuries ago. And somehow it crossed seas and now this game became one of the most popular ones in the world. Pretty incredible to think that this was ever popular.

pokerqqWhere did it originate?

            There are many speculations on where the game started, one of the first and ancient hearsays is that it dated back a 1000 years ago to the Chinese dynasty. Where a 10th century Chinese emperor played a domino card game. Whereas some even say it started in Persia, a game called “As Nas” back in the 16th century. But during the 17th century the game was discovered in Europe. So it is difficult to determine exactly where it came from as there are many originations. But what we have to know is that from wherever it came from the game became popular worldwide.

How did it become popular worldwide?

            So this game has somehow found its way across the entire world, and even though we are not sure of the origination it is said that when it was discovered in the 17th in Europe, a game called “Poque.” When the French colonists came to North America they brought the game along with them. It started in New Orleans, and later was called Pokerq by English speakers. From there onwards the game went up the Mississippi River, and reached its way to Texas. And the game was introduced to Britain when a U.S minister explained the game to Queen Victoria. And from there on the game kept growing and countries transformed the game into various methods of playing.

Why is it so popular?

            This game is so popular because first of all you can win money, and who doesn’t like to win money, it’s a common reason as to by people played in centuries and centuries ago. It also defies the intelligence of many, so as people want to seem more intelligent they will test their skills to the maximum, and it takes skill and proper control to be good at this game. So as people want to be more efficient in that they will work on it. Therefore this has caused the rise in popularity.

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