Rules of the crazy ball slot game

Crazy Ball is a simple betting game that has the feature of shoot and treasure. You will find a basic game mode in this game and on the website you can make ฝาก เงิน กสิกร too to play this game with real money. It is a simple process and we ensure 100% genuine and fast deposits and withdrawals too.

The payouts of this game are usually settled at the symbols’ odds and the wins are shown in credit in บ้า บอล game.

Rules of the game:

When you will click on the game screen then the launcher shoots 10 balls depending upon the angle of your mouse. The base bet will be consumed quantitatively with each ball shot. The durability of treasure chests and obstacles is random and the durability reduces with each hit of the ball. When the durability changes to zero then the treasure chest or obstacle is returned and eliminated. Then the player gets his reward. The end of the round is symbolized by the dropping of all the balls to the bottom and then their recovery.

At this stage, all the symbols move upwards by one row and then a random quantity of obstacles are generated and one treasure chest is created in the last row. If you make use of the turbo button then the game result will be displayed faster, but this does not affect the result of the game. 

Symbols of the game:

In the crazy ball game, you will find three types of symbols i.e. treasure chest, obstacle, and prop. Obstacles are of 5 different types and have different random odds too. The treasure chest appears with one obstacle and after it is eliminated then a prop is generated randomly. The prop provides a variety of benefits such as:

  • Increases the ball’s size for the upcoming round.
  • Eliminates the obstacles in its entire column or row.
  • It gives bonuses to the player.
  • Eliminates obstacles randomly.
  • Some props can eliminate all of the obstacles present on the screen and the player can get the ultimate prize with it.

The green chest of treasure is a treasure chest of resurrection type that has no odds at all and its health value is 1. When it is eliminated then the player usually gets the GOLD prop. Except for the GOLD prop, other props needs to be hit once at least to take effect in the game of Crazy Ball.

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