Misconception people have about the slot machine games

The slot machine games are popular in both online and land based casino. There will hardly any online website which will not offer slot games. Most of the new joiners first they try to play slot games as they are very simple and they can win, this boost the confidence level of the new player which makes them to play more games. Situs slot online Indonesia is online website where you can enjoy the slot games, but as the popularity has increased the misconception also has grown like how do the system work or how to defeat the system and many more. Let us look into few such misconceptions.

  • The first misconception is that you will never win for slot machine due to this many people started avoiding slot machine games. The truth is that the slot machine pays out in random. If you are not able to win the game then continue to play for sometime who knows next random player might be you. There are many people who play by putting smaller bets and win games. Such players very well know when to stop playing.
  • The second misconception is that the machines which are kept near the door will have more chance of win. There is no truth in that you can win the game by playing at any of the slot machine.
  • The third misconception is that the players who have membership cards win more games, so the slot machines are adjusted in such way that when the card members play the game they win games. Here we need to remind our self that the slot machine pays out randomly. The membership card is required to maintain the player’s details like credits and vouchers. The membership players do not get any unfair benefits.
  • The fourth misconception is that the people feel that they can influence the slot machine to get there desired results. People try to use magnets, many mobile apps and also spend lot of time reading guides about how to beat the slot machine.
  • The fifth misconception is that you will win the game after losing some number of times. This myth they develop based on the results of previous games which is not at all correct decision.
  • And the last misconception which we will look at is that you need to play the complete bet to win the game. This is no were link to the wining of the game there are chances that you can lose even after playing the entire bet. It is advised to play the complete bet just assuming that you may get a win.


Hope the above information will help you to clear all the doubts about the myths you have. Happy gaming!!

Adam Hugo

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