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Whenever we surf the web we can find multiple threats that compromise security. And this also has to be applied when playing online. There are aspects that we must take into account to not compromise our privacy or the security of the devices. Today we are going to echo a McAfee report in which they indicate what are some of the most common mistakes of the players in the network. They also offer some interesting tips to improve security and privacy.

What mistakes we make when playing online

According to this company agen judi bola terpercaya report, 55% of online players use the same password for multiple accounts. This means that they use the same key for different network games. A very important mistake.

As we see, more than half of those who play online commit this failure. The idea is to always have a unique password for each record or account we have. In this way, we can avoid the “domino effect”. If for some reason they rob us the password of an account, of a game, in this case, it would not affect the rest.

How to play safely on the network

  • Continuing with this report, we come to the important point and what else can benefit users: how do we have to play online to maintain security and privacy? In this aspect, the first step is to have a unique and secure password. This means that we must avoid entering our name, personal data such as date of birth, etc. You always have to choose a single key, as long as possible and that is completely random.
  • They also recommend using a firewall. As we know, it is an interesting security tool. In this way, we can protect ourselves from certain threats that threaten our device or even our network. There are many alternatives, although if we are Windows 10 users we can use the firewall that comes built into this operating system and that may be more than enough.
  • On the other hand, they also warn that you have to be safe when making clicks. We must avoid installing tools that we do not know or make configurations that may compromise the systems.
  • Finally, something that could not be missing from Antivirus is to recommend the use of security tools and programs. In this sense, we can choose many options, both free and paid. Our recommendation is also that the systems are updated to the latest version. There are times when vulnerabilities can arise that are resolved through security patches.

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