Learn Some Simple Card Tricks

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There are some card tricks that are very complex and require a high level of skill and dexterity to perform, however there are thousands of card tricks that anyone with little or no skill can perform and still wow the crowd.

Later in this article I will show you how to perform a very simple trick that will only take you a few seconds to learn and understand and you can perform to impress your friends and family.

You will discover that there are a number of specific basic techniques that magicians use repeatedly to perform paper tricks, and the vast majority of them are quite simple and only require training in order to expand your inventory of trick paper skills.

One of these is called “double lifting”, which consists of grasping the pack in a certain way and pressing with the thumb against the forefinger to grab the top two sheets of the pack out of the pack and, by pressing, bend the two cards slightly until that look like one in your hand. This is the main premise of the double elevator and it just takes more practice, practice and practice to complete.

When you can do the double lift, there are a number of simple tricks you can do with it. Here’s one …….

The trick.

The top card of the deck in markedcardspoker.com is turned over so the audience can see it. The card is then turned face down and removed from the deck. Take this opportunity to show the card to the audience before placing it in the center of the deck and then squaring the deck.

You tap with your fingers and the card instantly returns to the top of the deck.


As you’ve probably already worked with, this trick uses the double lift principle. When you show your audience what the top card will be, you are actually showing them the second card, which is the bottom card in the double elevator. When you take the top card and insert it into the deck, you are actually leaving the card that appeared on top of the deck. This can then be revealed to your audience in any way you want to increase your visibility.

The only real catch is that you have to make sure you can double lift quickly and cleanly.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

And that’s how easy it is to use a simple marked cards with contact lenses with best quality. A little training and you can impress your friends and family and you can bring some fun and entertainment to the boring Christmas and family parties just around the corner.

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