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As a kid, you must have placed a bet on who will win the race first or who will finish the ice cream first? Well, the adult world isn’t different except here we replace the ice cream with a variety of things, sports being one of them. Now it is not just immense happiness that you get from watching your favorite team win but also all the winning from the bets you placed on your favorite team’s game. Though let us warn you that in no way are we trying to encourage you to go out there and spend all of your money trying to place bets on any of the Imi tonight. 

What are sports betting?

Sports betting refers to laying your odds and predicting the result of a sport’s game while wagering money on the outcome. Imiwin 77 betting varies from country to country, jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and location to location, and it takes place on sports to non-sports events as well. Wagers can be placed either legally or illegally, depending on the better’s preference.

Some legal sources of sports betting are:

  • Sportsbook
  • Bookmaker

While illegal wagers are made through privately run enterprises, wage brokers use the term ‘book’ to track the bettor’s wagers, debt, and payouts. While you can find many legal sportsbooks online, some still run the old school way in select markets or gambling cruises. The legal way requires the bettor to pay the money before placing the bet. The illegal way, however, doesn’t require the bettor to pay the amount upfront, but it takes the money from the bettors who lose their bets. This creates a debt to the bookie from the bettor, further increasing the illegality of the method. The different ways sports betting is included in a sports match is

  • Point Shaving, where players purposely miss shots hence affecting the score
  • Spot Fixing, where the actions of a certain player or team are pre-decided.
  • Match-fixing, where the overall result of the game is already decided.


An easy money-making machine for some and a fun hobby for some, wagering money and placing bets on sports, although not criminalized, it is not exactly legalized either. Most countries are working on legalizing bets and wagers in sports, further legalizing more and more sportsbooks. While this results in creating new opportunities in the sports sector, it also poses a question for the integrity of every match played.

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