How to bet and on what to bet

Aim on cup matches as if they were championship

Betting on cup races can sometimes be really risky if you don’t prepare well. For both national and less important international tournaments such as the Europa League , the big clubs often don’t field the top eleven, especially in the early stages. Assuming that the strongest team will be the winner just based on name and coat of arms is a very common mistake among the less experienced. Finding out about which formation will take the field, the condition of the players, the motivations and the seasonal objectives of the teams is more necessary than ever. Choose carefully, then the football competitions to bet on huong dan ca do tren mang.

Play lot of multiple bets

In Italy, unlike other countries with a long tradition in the field of sports betting, we are still under the influence of the Totocalcio ticket . For this reason there are so many people who play endless lists of games. Sure, the potential to win increases as the number of games played increases, but the odds of making some money drop exponentially with each selection that is added. At least during the first period of play, we therefore recommend limiting multiple bets and including two or three events at most in the same bet . This is also to get used to studying in depth the races to bet on.

Betting too early

Time is money” or “Those who have time do not wait for time” are well known and certainly valid idioms in many areas of life. When betting on football, the opposite is true. Placing a bet too early is a very serious mistake. If you get caught by the desire to play on a match that will be played in a few days, what you have to do is mark it and find out about it. It is advisable to close the bet only a few moments before the kick-off , because the injury of a key player, even during the warm-up, could compromise the outcome of your bet.

Focus on your favorite team

Passion is a positive feeling, always, as long as it doesn’t cloud your sight. This is why it is a common thought among betting experts that betting on your favorite team is not a good choice . When the champions of the team you love take to the field, it is difficult to be completely lucid and objective.

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