Casino superstitions: what brings good and bad luck?

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Casino superstitions: what brings good and bad luck?

Those who love casino games are usually superstitious people. Most casino games rely on pure luck, even when you play in online casinos like W88. That is why a lot of players do their best to try and attract good luck. They also strive to ward off bad luck. Some swear by their lucky charms, while others engage in certain rituals.

Bad luck

There are certain things that players consider as unlucky or bad luck-bringers. The following are the top taboos in casinos.

  • Numbers 4 and 13

The number 13 is the most famous unlucky number across the globe. In other countries, such as China, the number 4 is the unluckiest number. It is an almost homophone of the Chinese word for death.

  • Leg-crossing

Most players believe that crossing fingers may bring good luck. Crossing your legs while placing a bet is the opposite. Some people say you are crossing out your good luck when you do that. It is ideal to sit up straight and keep your feet on the ground.

  • Counting your money

Not only is it insensitive to your fellow bettors, it also has something to do with a wider superstition. Pride comes before a fall. Players believe it is best to wait until you are out of the casino before you count your earnings.

  • Whistling and singing

Some believe that singing or whistling during the game will anger the gambling gods. Others consider it annoying enough to disturb their focus.

Good luck

As much as people try to avoid attracting bad luck, they also do their best to be good luck-magnets.

  • Blowing on dice

Players believe that blowing on the dice was a way to ensure each one would land well. This eliminates the bad luck of unbalanced dice.

  • Wearing red

A lot of players have their lucky clothes. They tend to wear the same clothes that they wore during a certain win. Red represents wealth, luck, and joy in China. Bettors adopted this tradition. Some believe that for the item to bring good luck, it must be a gift and not bought.

  • Lucky charms

The lucky rabbit’s foot is still considered one of the most famous lucky charms. Getting one is not as easy as it may seem. It should be a rabbit captured or killed in a cemetery. Four-leaf clovers and horseshoes are also known to bring good luck.

Believing in superstitions is acceptable in most cases. Even those who play online 12Bet Ying have their own superstitions.

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