Bonus terms which each gambler should be aware

As the number of online casinos has increased in numbers the competition to be among the top has also increased.  All the online casinos try to show that they are the most trustworthy online sites and they also try to attract users by offering different types of bonus. And they are getting success as even the people are looking at the casino bonus and getting attracted towards the site.  The bonus can be offered at many different stages like a new joiner bonus or loyalty bonus for the users who have been playing with them for long time. It is not run around different online casino for the sake of bonus.

  • It is very important that you understand the terms and conditions of using a bonus. Any websites provide all their terms and conditions in single page, but there are few other online casinos that have two separate pages for the terms and conditions. One page talks about the general rule and regulations and the second page talks about the bonus rules and regulations. It is important that you read both the pages as there might be some bonus rules mentioned in the general rules page.
  • After the deposit is done to avail the bonus acquired you have to meet some conditions like you should play some fixed amount of bets to start using your bonus amount. In the same way to withdraw your wining amount also linked with the some fixed amount of betting.
  • Some bonuses come with a limited time period, it you do not meet all the conditions then you will lose the entire bonus amount as it will not be carry forwarded. So make sure you remember all the dates of using the bonus and make sure you utilize your bonus in right way.
  • There are few online casino games in which the bonus amount cannot be used. If you are planning to use your bonus funds in the game than find out the games on which you can use your bonus and select the game only from that list. Usually you cannot use our bonus funds while playing live dealer games.
  • Be very alert when you have bonus amount in your account as there are few casinos that automatically connect your bonus amount to the game. Due to this you will be losing your bonus fund even when you are not interested to use them.


Hope this information is useful and hope you utilize your bonus and win more and more games.

Adam Hugo

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