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A lot of bettors avoid parlays because they believe these are bad wagers. That is not true at all. They may be not easy wagers to win but so are point spreads and totals. Any type of wager can lose if used in the wrong way. No matter what wager you place, you will keep on losing money if you apply the wrong strategies. Every wager has the potential to be profitable with appropriate strategies.

Favor true odds payouts

The better value lies when the basis of payout calculations are on the true odds. Try to get true odds whenever you can. It is quite easy when you include selections beside point spread and totals wagers. Make sure you include at least one selection where the odds are not -110. By shopping around, you can find a site where at least one of your choices has a different price. It can have a significant impact on the payout.

Online Gambling Games

Be wary of maximum payouts

Most betting sites, including, have a limit on how much they will pay out on a single wager. The limit usually affects the highest of high-rollers only. It also comes into play when betting parlays. Check what the most payout at a betting site is before you place any wager. You do not want to win more than what you can actually get.

Use parlays with free play credits

Sign up bonuses are usually given to new players. Existing clients can enjoy reload bonuses. These bonuses are often credited into your account in the form of free play credits. It can also be in the form of money added into your account but that does not usually happen. You can use free play credits to place your wagers. You will not be able to get back the amount of credits but you can get your winnings. A good way to use them is for placing parlays because you can only use these credits once.

Learn about teasers

A specific type of parlay, teasers are a bit complicated. You make selections based on modified point spreads on totals. They can be profitable with the right strategies.

Progressive parlays

One incorrect selection in a parlay leads to an immediate loss. The number of correct selections will not matter. It can be very frustrating. The best option is progressive parlays. They have lower odds and only need to include at least four selections. They still pay out if one selection is incorrect.


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